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How to choose the suitable bicycle frame

Release date: 2016-10-24 Browsing number:

    The most suitable size:

    1, the traditional frame of measurements under the shares in the first place. The distance between the feet 15 cm, measured from the ground to the distance under the shares, the [stock size under x 65%] can be obtained by traditional frame of the center of the hangar, until sit tube apex of the most suitable size. In general, the most suitable size of 10 cm, under the range of 10 centimeters if there is no problem. 


    2,  The most suitable size tilting frame with traditional frame as a benchmark,bicycle frame, the most suitable size minus the size of the lean forward. 20 cm, 20 cm range if there is no problem. 


    3, by the length of the tube on to choose 

    Tilting frame the most suitable amount of the size of the method can also use the following methods: imagine tilting frame tube and parallel to the ground, and then calculate the length, when compared with the traditional frame on the tube. Choose the same length of the frame. 


On the pipe length, the length of the riser, the grip will determine the length of the hand in hand, the position, also affect the driver's position. The riser short, grip strength become too sensitive, from this point, the choice is very important.