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What is folding and characteristics of the frame material

Release date: 2016-10-24 Browsing number:

    Chrome molybdenum steel frame: 90 s, bicycle frame with chrome molybdenum steel system for the mainstream. Its distortion performance and good tensile properties, high temperature will not affect the material, when welding the price is cheap. But the weight is heavy, easy to oxidation. Trend in recent years to overcome its points less, play to the advantages of the new material, chrome molybdenum steel frame are once again. 


    Carbon fiber frame: light, can absorb the impact of the ground, material of backwash force quickly, etc., is the ideal bike frame material. Carbon fiber grade, tonnage high elasticity are also higher and higher, the price is expensive. There are several kinds of methods, tt bike complete,such as with adhesive on the mould, overlapping carbon fiber, heat treatment, solidification, molding, etc. 


    The proportion of titanium frame, titanium is 55% lighter than steel, it is not easy to oxidation. In order to improve the tensile strength, has mixed aluminum, vanadium and titanium alloy. Such as welding needs to be done in a vacuum processing complex, frame price expensive. 


    Aluminum frame, aluminum alloy frame of light and strong rigidity. After special processing a frame of only 1 kg in weight. Aluminum pipe tends to large diameter, to alleviate the too strong rigidity, the current car seat tube and fork used absorb the impact force is strong carbon fiber and other popular attention.