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What are some of the characteristics of carbon wheels

Release date: 2016-10-27 Browsing number:

    Select box, high high carbon fiber wheel conforms to the aerodynamic and light and fast is the characteristics of it. But as a result of carbon fiber car frame is through manual laminated carbon fiber cloth, and after heating in shape, and bake, so in the choice of article and the flexibility of flower drum is relatively limited, thus increasing the difficulty of process and maintenance. It also makes the once said carbon fiber casing damaged crashed, the possibility of repair is almost zero. Even carbon fiber wheel has inherent problems, carbon wheels,is not easy to repair, but light and fast is its incomparable advantage, therefore rider when upgrade wheelset, carbon wheel is still the best choice. 

    Well, in a nutshell, carbon rotation, speed no worries. Now you have to master the characteristics of carbon, aluminum wheel, roughly as to how are you going to choose views, after all, it have to consider your riding style and upgrade requirements. What is clear is that in a set of good wheel bike is the most inductive upgrade, and optimize the equipment performance and riding experience. In addition, there is no denying that good wheel is usually look better, let you have more confidence against the unknown road conditions, it is called the placebo effect more or less, that don't the other aspects of life. Therefore, invest more money to buy a set of carbon wheel huai, yes. 
    And aluminum wheel always is characteristic of good and inexpensive, very suitable for leisure to ride. But if pursue constantly breakthrough iron, carbon wheel is light and fast, not only have more lightsome sense of direct way. Want to get a better aerodynamic advantage, high box carbon wheel can let you ride faster; But relatively, due to their high box is higher more susceptible to the influence of cross wind, rider need better handling skills to handle it.
    (source: carbon fiber new horizon) 
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